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April Tam

Senior Vice President Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships

 April Tam

HR&DC Responsibilities

As SVP of Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships, April’s role with HR&DC is to lead the company’s external finance initiatives and global partnership developments. Additionally, April spearheads company efforts addressing gender issues and the empowerment of women in Haiti.



April received her bachelor’s at MIT in 2005 and her MBA at Columbia in 2009. She joined Morgan Stanley in 2005 out of undergrad, was promoted to VP in 2009 and is currently an Executive Director in derivative sales- trading in the Equity Division.

Her ‘other life’ outside of Wall Street consists of being part of the vibrant community at Redeemer, leading & hosting various community groups and living life in hopefully a generous and adventurous way. Over the past few years, she has served at orphanages in South Africa and Haiti, often bringing friends from work or church to experience the beauty of the Haitian community she came across in the Northwest region. These experiences from overseas have planted a deep seed in her to be a voice for the poor and fight for justice while leveraging her Wall Street life where resources to make a difference are found abundantly.

Her goal is to connect her two worlds and use these assets (physical and social) to organically create a ripple effect allowing more people to be involved in creating jobs for the poor. She strongly believes in giving a hands up in addition to hands out which she believes is one of the main missions and beautiful character of HRDC.



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  • Since its inception, HR&DC has been entirely self funded and has not accepted donations.

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