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Reginald Auguste Biography

Senior Vice President – Haiti Operations

 Reginauld Auguste bio

HR&DC Responsibilities

As SVP of Haiti Operations, Reginald Auguste provides invaluable counsel, knowledge and relationship building for the efforts of HR&DC to provide “Dignity for the Dead, Hope and Opportunity for the Living.” He is responsible for overseeing all Haiti Operations for HR&DC’s Initiatives.

Reginald Auguste Background

Reginald’s diverse entrepreneurial background includes 35 years in production facility management, technology and product innovation as well as troubleshooting and turning around distressed companies.

He was instrumental in producing the first concrete block pavers in Haiti and establishing training programs for the local work force including the National Public Works Ministry installation and maintenance team.

In 2007, he and a group of associates formed aviation-centric not-for-profit organization FHEAA that teaches underprivileged young Haitian adults the skills to fix and fly Cessna aircrafts. He now sits on the board of Haiti Air Ambulance, a not-for-profit foundation balancing Haiti’s Hospital capacities.

Determined to make a difference towards improving the quality of life for Haitians, Reginald has committed himself to the betterment of Haitian society by joining HR&DC and Jim Lange in his mission to provide “dignity for the dead and hope and opportunity for the living.”


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  • Since its inception, HR&DC has been entirely self funded and has not accepted donations.

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