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Dignity for the Dead,
Hope and Opportunity for the Living

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Haiti Recovery & Development Company Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

The Haiti Recovery & Development Company leadership team brings more than 75 years of experience across a multitude of disciplines and industries.

Additionally, the initial strategic partnerships forged provide critical resources across nearly every initiative called out within the Government of Haiti’s “Action Plan For National Recovery And Development Of Haiti” published in March 2010.

We commit ourselves to work day-to-day to assist Haiti and its citizens through its present struggles until such a time as they can make do on their own to inspire The Haitian Renaissance!

Jim Lange | HRDC CEO


Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO Jim conceived, designed and developed the vision and plan for HR&DC. He is the face and the steward of HR&DC’s corporate mission.

His responsibilities include executive leadership of the company and locating the needed support of organizations around the world to bring about The Haitian Renaissance.

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Dino Eliadis


Senior Vice President of Operations

As SVP of Operations, Dino’s charge is to implement the vision and mission of HR&DC. His responsibilities include coordinating the many external resources and alliance partners required to successfully move the initiative forward.

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Alex Lange

Alex Lange

Senior Vice President of Administration

As SVP of Administration, Alex oversees all internal resources required to meet the mission of HR&DC. Her responsibilities include business infrastructure support and project management required to assure the company meets on-time and on-budget deliverables.

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Senior Vice President Haitian Operations

As SVP of Haiti Operations, Reginald Auguste provides invaluable counsel, knowledge and relationship building for the efforts of HR&DC to provide “Dignity for the Dead, Hope and Opportunity for the Living.” He is responsible for overseeing all Haiti Operations for HR&DC’s Initiatives.

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April Tam

April Tam

SVP Concessional Finance & Global Partnerships

As SVP of Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships, April's role with HR&DC is to lead the company’s external finance initiatives and global partnership developments. Additionally, April spearheads company efforts addressing gender issues and the empowerment of women in Haiti.

David Wistocki


Senior Analyst

As Senior Analyst, David Wistocki applies a unique blend of ethics, academic talents, relentless focus on achieving goals, team building, and compassion for those less fortunate in providing keen analysis for our company's activities.

David’s duties include analyzing current global trends in sovereignty and international affairs as they relate to Haiti, reporting on various other topics that contribute to HR&DC’s overall success, conducting and managing special projects as deemed necessary by HR&DC's founder, and contributing as a member of HR&DC’s executive steering committee..


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We are committed to the promise to provide Dignity for the Dead, Hope and Opportunity for the Living...

HR&DC operates as a “government facilitating organization (GFO)” by acting as an ad hoc government services capacity builder to enable long-term self sustaining prosperity for Haiti and her people.