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There are three primary ways you can help HR&DC help the people of Haiti.

They have been designed to allow you to help in the way that best fits your desire and ability to give. The Haiti Recovery & Development Company recognizes that an initiative of this scope and magnitude requires an enormous commitment of resources of every kind to have success.

Volunteer your time. HR&DC is entirely funded out of pocket. Our team are all volunteers. Provide your time and talent to projects and tasks HR&DC is currently working for the Haitian people. Let us know how you can help us provide dignity for the dead, hope and opportunity to the living and facilitate a Haitian Renaissance...
Become a Delegate
Become part of our Haitian Renaissance Delegation. The Haitian renaissance delegation model is HR&DC CEO Jim Lange’s concept to gather together an unprecedented pool of intellectual capital from around the world, to create dynamic, long-term “solutions teams.” The desired outcome: To provide Haiti with intellectual capital and long-term activism and help inspire a Haitian Renaissance.
Strategic Partnerships
Become a Strategic Partner of HR&DC. Partnerships with charities, for-profit organizations, governments, academia institutions and international agencies will be needed are critical to our efforts!

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Jeune Jean-ChavannesUniversity Lumiere
“University Lumiere founder and President Jeune Jean-Chavannes said of the strategic alliance partnership and HLab program, “I have always believed that the University (Lumiere) has three main responsibilities with its students. One is to academically train the students in their given field. Two is to prepare them (emotionally, morally and spiritually) for life outside of the classroom. Three is to instill a sense of community service. As I see it, the program that is being instituted by HR&DC will help the students become better employees and employers. It will also allow them to see, seek and seize opportunities. We are honored that Jim Lange has selected University Lumiere as his first academic partner in Haiti and we look forward to helping institute this program in other universities throughout Haiti."
Reginald AugusteHR&DC Team Member
"For over 35 years, I have contributed to the betterment of my country through the creation of employment opportunities and through various community outreach programs. I believe in my country and all who call Haiti home. In this way, Jim is very Haitian. He believes in us and he's willing to work hard to achieve his goals. This is why , for the last two years, I have gladly operated as HR&DC's In-Country Director. And while I have enjoyed my time in my previous role, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that my new role as "Senior Vice President - Haiti Operations" will present."
Cesar HernandezFormer Student Body President & Trustee, University of South Florida
“From the moment that Jim Lange told me about his Haitian Renaissance Delegation concept, I knew that I wanted to be a founding delegation member. I also knew that other (USF) students would feel the same way,” said Cesar Hernandez, former Student Body President & Trustee, University of South Florida. “Most of us feel overlooked. Under appreciated. Jim recognizes these feelings. In us he sees untapped sources of energy and intellectual potential. He sees contributors and he sees leaders. The model that HR&DC is developing has the possibility to change the world and revolutionize the way we develop societies and we are ready to get started.”
Dignity for the Dead, Hope and Opportunity for the Living