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Haitian Delegations

What is the Haitian Renaissance Delegation?

Conceptualized by HR&DC founder Jim Lange, the Haitian Renaissance Delegation is a pool of interdisciplinary intellectual capital brought together to collectively revitalize and launch Haiti into the twenty first century.

The Delegation does so by completing special projects under the oversight and leadership of HR&DC in order to provide Haiti with intellectual capital and long-term activism.

Who makes up the Haitian Renaissance Delegation?

Haitian Renaissance Delegation members (Delegates) are solicited from eleven desperate sectors:
  • Academia
  • Diaspora
  • Foreign Governments; Active
  • Foreign Governments; Past
  • For-Profit
  • Government of Haiti; Active
  • Government of Haiti; Past
  • Haitian Nationals
  • International Agencies & Institutions
  • Not-For-Profit
  • Volunteers

What is the philosophy of the "Haitian Renaissance Delegation?"

The philosophic underpinning of the Haitian Renaissance Delegation is to participate as a collaborative partner under the auspice of HR&DC's GFO concept.