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Tampa’s Haiti Recovery & Development Company Announces Ambassador – Student Affairs

USF Student Government President is selected to serve as Ambassador – Student Affairs in HR&DC mission to help inspire a Haitian Renaissance.



Jun. 21, 2011 – Haiti Recovery & Development Company (HR&DC), a Tampa, Florida company committed to the creation, implementation and management of a comprehensive recovery and development model for Haiti, announced today that USF Student Government President Cesar Hernandez will serve as an Ambassador – Student Affairs for the company, effective immediately. In his role as Ambassador- Student Affairs, Hernandez will report directly to Haiti Recovery and Development Company CEO Jim Lange, and will be responsible for driving key components associated with HR&DC Haitian Renaissance Delegation initiative.  This is a senior-level, executive management position with global connect points.

“During my term as Student Body President and Trustee for the University of South Florida I got the opportunity to meet leaders from all over the world and the country. Working side by side with University President Dr. Judy Genshaft to meeting President Barrack Obama increased my passion and dedication for leadership. My generation is a generation that will change the world and is looking for the people that will do so. It’s time not to just talk about it, but be about it, said Cesar Hernandez, USF Student Body President and Trustee. “HRDC is giving me the opportunity to be about it. As I finish my term serving 48,000 students I step into a position where I can attribute to the world and help the Haitian people.”

“I founded Haiti Recovery and Development Company with one simple goal: “to help the Haitian people have a better quality of life.”  Since February of 2010, I have worked diligently to build an organization worthy of Haiti’s challenges, and have gone to great lengths to handpick my senior-level, executive management team,” said Jim Lange, CEO of HR&DC .  “The latest member to join our team is Mr. Cesar Hernandez.  Mr. Hernandez has been hired as HR&DC’s Ambassador – Student Affairs.  Cesar’s recent experience as Student Government President, at the 7th largest University in America, makes him uniquely qualified to lead our student-centric activities.  He is an intelligent, results-oriented individual whose understanding of the world of academia will prove invaluable in the months to come.  Of greater importance, Cesar posses a depth of compassion that cannot be manufactured. He is committed to making the world to be a better place and I am thrilled to have him join our team.”

About Cesar Hernandez

Cesar Hernandez is the former USF Student Body President. Cesar was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, the first generation born in the U.S from Guatemalan Immigrants. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Bio-Medical Science.

Cesar represented the United States at the Education Without Borders World conference in Dubai against 4,000 students from all over the world, At the conference he was ranked #1 in the world in policy on his research on immigration. Cesar also holds the unofficial record for longest political speech ever. He spoke for 24 hours straight surpassing the previous record of 9 hours held by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Cesar is the CEO and founder of the Seraph Foundation and the former President of the USF chapter of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc. Under his leadership the fraternity achieved many milestones such as the 2009 USF Chapter of the Year, 2009 Florida State Chapter of the Year and 2009 National Chapter of the Year Award. He is the recipient of 2009 Overall Chapter President of the Year, Outstanding Student Leader of the Year, 2009 Florida Undergraduate Brother of the Year, 2009 USF Hispanic Heritage Leader Honor, 2009 Leadership Legacy Award. Cesar plans to attend Cambridge University in England upon graduation.

About The Haitian Recovery & Development Company:

Founded in January 2010, Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC interacts with a multitude of individuals, companies and government agencies with one simple goal: To assist Haiti and its citizens through its present struggles, until such a time as they can make do on their own.

HR&DC is committed to the creation, implementation and management of a comprehensive recovery and development program for Haiti’s rebirth. Through strategic alliance partnerships with charitable and for-profit organizations, leading governments, international institutions & agencies, and academia, HR&DC’s goal is to establish a replicable economic model: the development of a model community whose purpose is the creation and implementation of an economic engine for sustainability whereby self-reliance is ultimately possible for Haiti and its people.

The company vision is to foster job creation, educate and train the Haitian citizenry, teach the values and scope of a free market economy, and combine the strengths of many to achieve real and lasting prosperity. For further details about the Haiti Recovery & Development Company and its goal for a Haitian Renaissance log on to



For media requests, email or get in touch with HR&DC Senior VP Communications, Bob Linger:

Bob Linger

Senior VP Communications and Marketing

Phone: 813-344-2114 (New Marketing Lighthouse office)
813-695-2221 (mobile)

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