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Tampa’s Haiti Recovery & Development Company Announces New Ambassador – Student Affairs

UT Rhodes Scholar Nominee David Wistocki is selected to serve as Ambassador – Student Affairs in HR&DC mission to help inspire a Haitian Renaissance.



Feb. 13, 2014 – TAMPA, Fla. — Haiti Recovery & Development Company (HR&DC), a Tampa, Florida company committed to the creation of a Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park and the implementation and management of a comprehensive recovery and development model for Haiti, announced today that David Wistocki has been appointed as Ambassador – Student Affairs for the company, effective immediately.  Mr. Wistocki replaces Mr. Cesar Hernandez who has successfully acted as Ambassador- Student Affairs since 2011 and will now move into his role as Ambassador – Community Governance.  In his role as Ambassador- Student Affairs, Wistocki will report directly to Haiti Recovery and Development Company CEO Jim Lange, and will be responsible for driving key components associated with HR&DC’s Haitian Renaissance Delegation initiative.  This is a senior-level, executive management position with global connect points.

“In the immediate aftermath of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, I founded Haiti Recovery and Development Company with one simple goal: “to provide dignity to the dead and hope and opportunity for the living,” said Jim Lange, CEO of HR&DC. “Over the last four years I have continued to methodically build an organization specifically to address Haiti’s diverse and complex challenges.  The latest member to join our executive team is Mr. David Wistocki.  Mr. Wistocki has been hired as HR&DC’s Ambassador – Student Affairs.  David’s blend of ethics, academic talents, relentless focus on achieving goals, team building skills and his compassion for those less fortunate makes him uniquely qualified to lead our student-centric activities.  He is committed to making the world a better place and I am thrilled to have him join our team.”

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Wistocki said, “Tucked within the chapters of my past four years rests a story of my own awakening that my greatest loyalty must forever be to the betterment of the human condition. This awakening motivated my leadership of teams of peers during my senior year at UT to innovate business models that could affect positive change for humanity.  Whether we are initially successful or not is not what is important; the fact that we are trying, failing, reiterating, and trying again for a common purpose is what is important. In Jim’s words we are, “bringing light to the darkness” where it needs to be brought. If we inspire even one other person to think differently about the darkness they reside in, we have accomplished our roles as members of a global citizenry. I am excited for the road ahead and look forward to working with each member of HR&DC to accomplish the bold intentions Jim has set forth from day one to provide dignity for the dead, and hope and opportunity for the living.”

About David Wistocki

David Wistocki is a magna cum laude graduate and President’s Leadership Fellow of The University of Tampa (UT), August 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Accounting. During his time at UT, Mr. Wistocki built two on-campus organizations focused on public health awareness, held executive-level officer positions in entrepreneurship and accounting organizations, attended the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) as delegate for Bangladesh, received membership into Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies, and received the Spartan Award—the highest-attainable award for campus leadership. A UT Rhodes Scholar nominee, he designed student teams in his senior year that won several awards and honors including the Texas Christian University Values & Ventures Competition Founders’ Award, First Place, First Place in the CEO Council of Tampa Bay’s Business Plan Competition, recognition as a SOCAP13 Social Entrepreneur, and recipient of TiE Tampa Bay’s 2013 Student Entrepreneur Award. He has traveled throughout the Caribbean to several countries including Haiti as well as to Hong Kong and throughout Europe.  Most recently, Mr. Wistocki and his team from Ambrosia Global were collectively recognized as one of five 2014 Tampa Startup Scholars for innovating a business model to solve international food security challenges in developing economies.  He currently resides as Ambrosia Global’s CEO and leads the company’s team in the development of a sustainable agriculture system for base of the pyramid populations and is also an advisor for the United Nations Association Chapter of Tamp Bay.

About The Haitian Recovery & Development Company:

Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC was founded in January 2010, with the simple goal to “provide dignity for the dead and hope and opportunity for the living in Haiti. Specifically, HR&DC is committed to the vision, development, implementation and management of a Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park to provide dignity for the victims of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, victims of civil unrest and to countless paupers buried in unmarked graves.

Additionally, HR&DC is committed to the creation of a viable and sustainable economic engine whereby self-reliance is ultimately possible for Haiti and its people through the creation, implementation and management of a comprehensive recovery and development program (It’s “5 Cities” initiative).  Through strategic alliance partnerships with charitable and for-profit organizations, leading governments, academia, international institutions and agencies, the Haitian Government and the citizens of Haiti, HR&DC intends to help foster a new sense of nationalism; educate and train the Haitian citizenry; teach the values and scope of a free market economy; and combine the strengths of many to achieve real and lasting prosperity.

HR&DC is also committed to assisting the Haitian government more effectively administer itself through its “Government Facilitating Organization” (GFO) concept.  Pioneered by HR&DC, the GFO concept is different from the nearly 10,000 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) operating in Haiti whose designated role is to temporarily fill gaps in government services and do so outside of the government reach and review.  HR&DC operates solely in the interest of the host country as a managerial apparatus that is sovereignty-centric, collaborative and transparent.

For further details about the Haiti Recovery & Development Company and its goals for a Haiti’s recovery and development, log on to and


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Bob Linger

Senior VP Communications and Marketing

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