Lumière University MEBSH

HR&DC Strategic Partner

Who is Lumière University MEBSH ?

HR&DC is initiating its pioneering HLab Concept (Haitian Laboratories) in alliance with Lumière University, Haiti.

Lumiere University, or “Light University” in English, is a private university located in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti where HR&DC operates its H-Lab initiative.

Paying homage to results achieved by Bell Laboratories research and development facilities from the 1920’s through 2000’s, the philosophical underpinnings of the HLab program are designed by HR&DC to specifically meet the needs of Haiti.  Bell Labs set the standard for cumulative intellectual excellence and this is the mindset HR&DC will plans to replicate with its HLab initiative.   While the ultimate aim of Bell Labs was to transform new knowledge into new things, the HR&DC goal is to transform new knowledge into new outcomes through new leaders.

Our alliance partnership and the HLab program are both in their infancy. As we are in an evolutionary phase, we will collaboratively build on this initiative with the help and support of Univeriste Lumiere.