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Marolf Environmental

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Who is Marolf Environmental, Inc. ?

Internationally recognized, Marolf is a pioneer in aeration waste water treatment use in small to medium sized plants.

Marolf Environmental, Inc., founded in the 1920’s, is a U.S. manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment facilities.  A pioneer in the use of the extended aeration wastewater treatment process in small to medium sized pre-engineered wastewater treatment plants, Marolf is internationally recognized with numerous success stories throughout Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.  In the US, over the last four decades, of the 5,000 wastewater treatment plants permitted in the State of Florida ,almost 3,000 systems were designed and built by Marolf.

Marolf’s commitment to superior engineering benefits their clients in many ways.  First, clients save time with quick and easy installation using prefabricated modular water treatment plant construction.  Internationally, clients save money by using pour-in-place treatment plants that require less imported material and use more locally sourced materials and labor.  Additionally, all Marolf plants are designed to reduce operating costs saving 20% to 50% in power consumption.  Finally, Marolf’s approach reduces initial investment by employing scalable designs that can be easily expanded later.