US Congressional Candidate to Leave Campaign Trail for Hurricane Matthew Humanitarian Effort

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew’s destruction of Haiti, HR&DC CEO and US House District 15 Candidate Jim Lange to tour devastation, assess recovery.



October 7, 2016 – TAMPA, Fla. — Candidate for US House District 15 and Haiti Recovery & Development Company (HR&DC) CEO Jim Lange will temporarily suspend his campaign to tour the impact of Hurricane Matthew in the hardest hit areas of HaitiMr. Lange’s company, HRDC was established in the aftermath of the massive 2010 earthquake that that destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure. Mr. Lange has devoted most of his professional life since 2010 to helping Haitians achieve “Dignity for the Dead, Hope and Opportunity for the living.” In the wake of this new disaster, he will temporarily suspend his current campaign for US House District 15 to return to Haiti to assess the impact of Hurricane Matthew’s direct hit on his adopted country.

“For those of who know me, my connection to the Haitian people is unyielding and sincere. Our unexpected relationship was born from tragedy, forged through years of shared despair and sustained through beautiful moments of mutual respect and affection. Today my heart is breaking,” said Mr. Lange.

Temporarily suspending his campaign for US House District 15, Mr. Lange will travel to Haiti on Tuesday, October 11 to assess damage in the hardest hit areas of Haiti and to visit the resettlement camps that remain from the 2010 earthquake disaster, where HRDC has done extensive work over the last six years.

“In our six years working to help Haitians recover from the earthquake of 2010 we have learned a great deal about how the country has faced and dealt with misfortune. I am visiting to assess the damage and offer insights into the recovery process and how to rebuild yet again in Haiti, stated Mr. Lange.”
About The Haitian Recovery & Development Company:

Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC was founded in January 2010, with the simple goal to “provide dignity for the dead and hope and opportunity for the living in Haiti. Specifically, HR&DC is committed to the vision, development, implementation and management of a Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park to provide dignity for the victims of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, victims of civil unrest and to countless paupers buried in unmarked graves.

Additionally, HR&DC is committed to the creation of a viable and sustainable economic engine whereby self-reliance is ultimately possible for Haiti and its people through the creation, implementation and management of a comprehensive recovery and development program (It’s “5 Cities” initiative).  Through strategic alliance partnerships with charitable and for-profit organizations, leading governments, academia, international institutions and agencies, the Haitian Government and the citizens of Haiti, HR&DC intends to help foster a new sense of nationalism; educate and train the Haitian citizenry; teach the values and scope of a free market economy; and combine the strengths of many to achieve real and lasting prosperity.

HR&DC is also committed to assisting the Haitian government more effectively administer itself through its “Government Facilitating Organization” (GFO) concept.  Pioneered by HR&DC, the GFO concept is different from the nearly 10,000 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) operating in Haiti whose designated role is to temporarily fill gaps in government services and do so outside of the government reach and review.  HR&DC operates solely in the interest of the host country as a managerial apparatus that is sovereignty-centric, collaborative and transparent.

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