4 Years in the Making, HR&DC’s Summit Dawns



During my first trip to the resettlement camps (and future slums) in Croix des Bouquets, I once witnessed a man eating a plate of rice mixed with dirt.

His courage and commitment to endure has never left me, and the image of his spoon has stuck in my throat like a fishbone to this very day.

I am not a courageous man. I am, however, committed with every fiber of my being to the principles of human dignity and my resolve is above reproach.

As I conduct today’s meeting, (which has been 4-plus years in the making), I can only hope that the courage of that starving man from long ago has nourished me enough to steady my legs as I conduct (and try to ascend) today’s summit.

Be well and my the Heavens smile upon us all:-)

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