You Can Get Involved: Help With The Haitian Renaissance

Haitian National Palace earthquake damage image

Photo Marco Dormino

Do you remember where you were when you heard about the earthquake that devastated Haiti? Were you in front of your TV set, in your car, reading your morning newspaper?

Those things are everyday life for most of us. But not for the people of Haiti. The people of Haiti have long suffered from natural disasters, corruption and poverty. Now, as Haiti tries to recover from the catastrophic earthquake of January 2010, nothing short of rebirth will be required. HR&DC is committed to such a Haitian Renaissance. The rebirth of Haiti. HR&DC was founded for the sole purpose of helping Haiti and her people. This website is devoted to assisting in the creation of a Haitian Renaissance.

That’s our mission. Here’s yours. Get Involved.

Tell us how you would like to help create a Haitian Renaissance…

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