Big Day of Planning for Future Opportunities in Haiti

by / Monday, 17 November 2014 / Published in Blog, HR&DC Initiative, Jim's Corner, Jim's Corner
Canaan - Jerusalem

Since I will be on the road until very late this evening, here is a brief overview of what my agenda looks like for today.

This morning, I will be meeting with the head of Haiti’s Chamber of Commerce to discuss various private sector opportunities in Haiti located throughout the island.

Though we will examine numerous initiatives that are presently under consideration, much of our conversation will be geared towards the problems and “opportunities” associated within the resettlement camps and the greater Croix des Bouquets region.

This afternoon, I will moderate a meeting between a group of community leaders and land owners from Croix des Bouquets to finalize three projects that will be initiated within the next two weeks.

While I am very pleased with the level of trust and camaraderie that has been established between these historically opposing groups, I must confess that each time I place them in the same room my stomach is in knots.

As for this evening, I’m scheduled to meet with my colleague from the United Nations to discuss geospatial mapping and predictive modeling protocols associated with our efforts in the resettlement camps. I will update him on the recent role out of the data mapping project and seek from him guidance on how best to secure the sensitive data that will emerge from this effort.

That’s all for now. Be well and I’ll check in, again, tomorrow.

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