Daunting Challanges and Fatigue Cannot Slow 5 Cities for Haiti Quest

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I finally understand and fully appreciate what George Orwell meant in his book, 1984, when he said, “Winston was gelatinous with fatigue.”

At this very moment, I’m so tired, I feel like two scoops of gelatinous fatigue in a dirty cup with a leaky bottom.

5 Cities for HaitiIn any event, earlier today, I flew back to Port au Prince from Mole Saint-Nicolas and, soon afterwards, drove to Tapio. Once there, I met with Father Jean Bien-Aime and 20 leaders from his community (Tapio) and neighboring Titanyen.

Similar to past ceremonial meetings in Mole Saint-Nicolas and Croix des Bouquets, the goal of today’s meeting was to officially recognize these two sister-communities as participants within my “5 Cities for Haiti” concept and to begin mapping out the parameters of our evolving relationship.

While this space doesn’t allow for great elaboration, I must confess that I am a bit daunted by the challenges that await us. After all, rebranding an area known for murders, mass graves and object poverty will be no easy task.

That being said, I am anxious to get started and so are they.

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