Living Earthquake Victims. Haunted by Creating and Filling Mass Graves

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Haiti Trip (March); Day Four:

healing haitiBroad daylight does not eliminate the existence of one’s horrors, it simply retreats these horrors to that place within us where our soul is meant to dwell alone.

This was the thought that ricocheted around my brain as I sat and listened to a damaged young man (Ronald A.) describe the loss of his own life. As he spoke of his horrific experiences with the dead, and of his role in creating and filling mass graves in Titanyen, his words spilled over me like buckets of tears and blood.

While there are no words in existence that can adequately express the anguish that he and the other living truck drivers have endured, there are words that we “can and must” share with those in need.

To that end, here are the words that I shared with Ronald:

“Like the victims of the earthquake, you, too, are innocent. And just like the dead you have been abandoned and orphaned. This is a fate I will not accept. Let my soul reach through the darkness to your crippled soul. Let me end your exile. You are of the living and it is time for you to come home.”

What happened next is between us.

This is all that I have to say for today…

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