HR&DC’s Moral Compass. Dignity, Hope and Opportunity, Take Center Stage

by / Sunday, 10 August 2014 / Published in Blog, Haitian Renaissance, HR&DC, Jim's Corner, Jim's Corner, Resettlement Camp


In the immediate aftermath of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, I set out on a new (and completely unexpected) journey with only a moral compass and three words (Dignity, Hope and Opportunity) to guide my course.

In hindsight, a map of some sort would have been helpful and comforting, but I guess some journeys must be taken on faith.

In a few minutes, I will depart for a private mentoring session with a group of community leaders who live in, and who represent, the main resettlement camps. Like me, their journeys have also been unexpected and uncharted, and the upcoming summit has become to them (and their constituents) an oasis in a desert of despair.

Though it’s impossible for me, or anyone else for that matter, to predict where my journey will ultimately lead, I can make this statement with some level of certainty:

“While the whole world is full of pain and thirst, I have discovered that it doesn’t take much to extend a hand in friendship and to share in a glass of water. We are, after all, an oasis for one another.”

That’s all for now. It’s time to gather my belonging, to shore up my courage and to go share a pitcher of water with my fellow travelers.

…until tomorrow.

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