Jim Lange Returns to Titanyen, Haiti and the Unmarked Graves

by / Friday, 11 January 2019 / Published in 2010 Earthquake, Blog, HR&DC, Jim's Corner, Jim's Corner
Tampa Airport early morning

Haiti Trip (January ‘19); Day One:

It’s early Friday morning and I am awaiting my flight from Tampa to Miami enroute to Haiti.

It’s been over 31 million seconds since I last traveled to Haiti. Truth be told, I’ve needed every second of my sabbatical to repair myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As concessions to my wife, this trip (at 5 days) will be my second shortest trip ever and I’ve agreed to cap my work days at 10 hours. Most importantly, I’m going to limit the amount of emotional damage that comes with my January trip’s.

What will not change is my unwavering dedication to transition the mass and unmarked graves in Titanyen into a place of reverence and human dignity.

So…to the edge of the abyss I go. Once there, I will solemnly bow my head and, again, whisper through the weeds and rubble to those entombed, ‘you are not alone and you have not been forgotten.’

This is all I will have to say for today.

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