No Slave to History of Haiti’s Redundant Outcomes

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In November of 2014, as I found myself navigating Haiti’s treacherous political waters, I had this to say: “I have always gone to great lengths to avoid involving myself in Haitian politics, or in the geopolitics that permeates this vulnerable nation. That said, sometimes it is necessary to walk an uneasy path as one cannot contribute to genuine change from the comfort and safety of the sidelines.”

As I look out upon a country bracing for conflict, and view the mobilization of force surrounding the capital, it is the deafening silence of the international press that concerns me the most. Where are their voices–where are their words? As the uneasy of this reality permeates my psyche, I’m reminded that only great power can gag the press and such power certainly does not reside within the borders of Haiti.

Haiti’s Redundant Outcomes

While it is true that history is written anew every single day of our existence in every corner of the world, in some places history turns out to be no more than a repeat of old outcomes with different names and faces. Without question, Haiti is the poster child for redundant outcomes.

So, as I prepare to depart for my next meeting, here is what I’d like to say for today: “Only time will tell what these tense moments will actually mean for Haiti and the souls that call this place home. If Haitian history has taught me anything, things here will probably get bad before they get better. That said, I’m not a slave to history and neither are my Haitian colleagues.”

Be well and wish me luck…

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