Sharing Thoughts On Transitioning Corail Resettlement Camp Into A City

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HR&DC CEO Jim Lange meets with Mariam Yardani of Viva Rio.


It’s a little before 8:00 pm and, though I have only been in-country for two days, I must confess that I am already physically beaten up and worn out. (At this rate, this is going to be a very, very long trip.)

As for today’s activities, my main accomplishment emerged from my meeting with meets with Mariam Yardani of Viva Rio.

Corail Resettlement CampViva Rio is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was founded in December 1993 to combat the growing violence in the city. Their goal then, as it is now, is “to promote a culture of peace and social development through field work, research and formulation of public policies.”

Since Viva Rio has been active in Haiti’s most violent environments for many years, the goal of our conversation was to get to know one another and to discuss my efforts to transition the Corail resettlement camp into a city.

While it is much to early to make any predictions about our future alliance, I came away from our meeting encouraged by the depth and trajectory of our conversation and quite impressed with Ms. Yardani. She is a formidable human being and I am honored to have made her acquaintance.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your evening and goodnight.

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