Visiting the Mass Graves at Titanyen

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Mass Graves Titanyen Haiti

Auditing the Condition of the Mass Graves…

It’s Sunday morning, which means it is time that I turn my full attention towards the less pleasant portion of my work here in a Haiti; death, desecration and despair.

In a few moments I will travel to Titanyen to audit and record the condition of the mass and unmarked grave sites.

Since my in-country director has recently photographed the area from the air, I fully expect to find additional desecration of the grave sites while performing my examination.

As an aside, though I tend to avoid conflict whenever possible, it bears mentioning that there will come a day when someone, or a group of someone’s, will need to answer for their shameful action regarding the dead.

Once I complete my audit in Titanyen, I will travel to Tapio (just north of the mass grave sites) to meet with Father Bien-amie.

The purpose of our meeting will be to discuss the status of the mass and unmarked graves sites and to turn our attention towards our planned activities in January to observed the 5th anniversary of the earthquake.

Lastly, this evening I am scheduled to meet with a colleague who is my bridge to those who handled the bodies post the earthquake.

If the past is any indication of the future, I’ll probably need a stiff drink, and solitude, after we conclude our conversation.

This is all that I will have to say for today.

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