When will the dead be left in peace?

Mass Graves Titanyen Haiti


“When will the dead be left in peace?” This question was repeatedly asked of me by closest colleagues, (and others around us), as we witness yet another display of ignorance and political opportunism at the ceremonial mass grave site in Titanyen. While at the time I was to angry to allow words to escape my mouth, a change in geography, (I am no longer on sacred ground), has now freed up my tongue.

As all the world knows, 5 years ago today close to 300,000 Haitians lost their lives in an instant. If being crushed to death wasn’t a cruel enough fate, most of the innocent victims found their way into the back of dump trucks and were unceremoniously deposited into mass burial pits in a place called Titanyen.

What the world does not know, but needs to know, is that the burial site(s) are constantly being desecrated and that the bones of the victims have been, for all intents and purposes, mixed together with concrete to form footers at the governments ill-advised memorial.

For years, I have said that the dead are never dead until they are forgotten and I have refused to allow even one soul to be left in anguished obscurity. Tonight, I reaffirm my commitment to honor and to protect the fallen. And come tomorrow those responsible for continuing to willfully desecrate the graves will encounter a very different me and this reality is going to become their own, personal catastrophic occurrence.

This is all I have to say for today.

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