$900,000 for a 3 Bedroom…in Haiti?

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Tent camp in Haiti

NPR’s story about Haiti’s brittle housing supply and the competition for what little housing is available ($900,000 for a 3 bedroom…in  Haiti?),   for Haiti’s IDP (internally displaced persons) as a result of the January 12th earthquake

As the story notes ” There are not enough houses, and not enough money for people to rent the ones still standing. More than 1.3 million Haitians live in squatter camps, facing disgruntled landowners and violent evictions, with no international or government plan to move or house them.”

What is desperately needed is a master plan for the recovery and development of Haiti. The lack of such a plan is crippling the recovery effort in Haiti. I asked “Where is Haiti’s Marshall Plan” in a Special to the Tampa Tribune published on  April 4, 2010. Six months later, it is apparent that no such plan has been enacted.

This is the mission and reason for the Founding of the Haiti Recovery and Development Company. We are committed to providing a master plan that will lead to a self sufficient, sustaining Haiti.

We believe Haitian’s want a better life. I’ve seen with my own eyes the power of hope for a better life in the eyes of Haitians. But more than heartfelt want is required here.   , because we think this is the time to rebirth Haiti, to lead a Haitian Renaissance.

That’s what I think. What do you think? Will you help us foster Haiti’s rebirth?

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  1. Pauline Clay says :

    What happened on October 11, 2010? Our firm, New African Development, entered the BBBC-Haiti competition for alternative prefab housing. We were not selected but we remain committed to Haiti. We offered the safest and only SIPs patent, published this year by the US Patent and Trademark Office. We were prepared to waive all licensing of our product in Haiti. Using NASA, we identified the location of the raw materials inputs already in Haiti so that all production and construction could be performed locally, maintaining the lowest cost possible.

    • Hello Pauline,

      We, too, were involved with the BBBC program and our resolve to help the Haitian people has not changed. If fact, our resolve has only strengthened.

      Please email me (jim Lange) some contact information so we can continue our dialogue off line.

      Thank you for caring about the Haitian people and I look forward to speaking with soon. Take care.

      -Jim Lange

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