Constructing A Road to the Future


In the midst of the chaos and turmoil Haiti is presently experiencing, HR&DC is proud to report a first in Haiti’s 210 year history.

In the middle of the country’s most volatile area, without state or international funds, a group of unlikely colleagues (landowners and resettlement camp residents) have joined forces to construct a road. The project provided jobs for hundreds of people and, more importantly, it provides a tangible example of how opposing parties can achieve success if they’re wiling to work together.

This goes to the core of why HR&DC was founded. Here are a few photos demonstrating that in a country teetering on the edge of chaos, forging relationships and bringing people together can and does yield results.

HR&DC Founder Jim Lange will be traveling to Haiti for the roads opening. As a gift to our guidance, they are holding off on commemorating the road’s opening until he arrives.

We are humbled and yes, proud. There are good days to come in Haiti. Constructing a road to the future is underway.

Croix des Bouquets road construction  Croix des Bouquets road construction2Croix des Bouquets road construction3Croix des Bouquets road construction4Croix des Bouquets road construction5Croix des Bouquets road construction6

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