Why Haiti’s Mass Grave/Landfill Should Be Converted Into A National Memorial

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Haiti Earthquake damage

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In the aftermath of Haiti’s January 12, 2010 earthquake, I discovered that an untold number of dead Haitians had been taken to a landfill just outside Port-Au-Prince.  Here they were unceremoniously dumped on top of existing garbage and entombed by rubble and debris.

Today this sacred land continues to be used as a public landfill.

Haitians Are Not Garbage

Haitians are not garbage and should not be treated as such. I have set my sights on raising the necessary funds and international awareness to convert this mass grave/landfill into a Haitian National Memorial.  While I am still in the process of creating a more elaborate project plan, here is a brief description of what I am envisioning for the memorial.

The Haitian National Memorial site will be a non-denominational, non-political sanctuary.  In basic terms, the mass grave/landfill site will become a secured location with:

  • a least four prayer buildings
  • 8 outdoor pavilions
  • a monument
  • an administration office
  • a caretaker’s house
  • two utility buildings
  • a security station

Additionally, the site will have all of the modern amenities that are absent throughout most of Haiti such as electricity, water, lighting, sidewalks, parking, and rest rooms.  As for staffing a Haitian National Memorial, I anticipate a staffing level of 10 full-time employees and 20 volunteers.

A Thought For Skeptics

Undoubtedly, there will be some individuals who feel building a memorial is a waste of time and resources.  To their thinking, the dead are dead.  Well, as I see it, Haitians are not garbage and no rebirth of the country can occur while they are being treated as such.  I am committed to correcting this injustice.  Can I count on your support? Here is how you can get involved in the Haitian National Memorial.

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