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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 by

  Our everyday map of the world tells us that Haiti is an island. Of course, there is a larger map that says the earth, too, is an island. Both maps reflect the truth, it’s only our perspective that differ. On my journey, I have discovered that we are all castaways, and that we fall

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  With my trip at the halfway point, it’s time to gather up my belongings and depart for a Mole Saint-Nicolas. During my time in Mole, my colleague, Reginald Auguste, and I will: infuse additional capital into our fledgling micro financing program sign a contract to secure our first building in the community, which will

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  Haiti Trip (March); Day Five: It’s been said that the best bridge between hope and despair is a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately for me, last night the bridge was closed. In any event, in a few minutes I will depart for the airport in Port au Prince en-route to Mole Saint-Nicolas. Since Mole does

  Haiti Trip (March); Day Two: *transcribed by Alex via phone While today’s activities centered around two particular topics, this post will focus on a very unexpected occurrence. During a discussion about a job creation initiative for Mole St. Nicolas, a gentleman revealed that he had been personally responsible for the creation of the second

  A few months ago I passed along one of my favorite quotes which went something like this: “One day your life will pass before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” If I lived to be 100 years old, I may never have a day that surpasses today in scope or in sheer importance.

  Haiti Trip; (December), Day Eight: It’s approximately 9:30pm and I have just arrived at Miami’s International Airport. And though my itinerary says that I am physically more than half way home, the truth of the matter is I find myself somewhere beyond the grasp of my intelligence and the scope of my vocabulary. As

  Haiti Trip; (December) Day Seven: While there is so much that I would like to share with you regarding today’s historic developments, I sorry to say that this installment will be short on details as I am thoroughly exhausted and I am having a great of difficulty seeing the keyboard. With that being said,

  Haiti Trip; (December), Day Six: Since my day started well before dawn, I am typing this post with crossed eyes and a wandering mind. As for today’s activities, I traveled to Mirebalais, which is in the central plateau, to tour the community and to attend a political rally as a guest of a political


Saturday, 15 December 2012 by

  Haiti Trip; (December) Day Five: From across the water the news has arrived: “They are dead.” Todays report seems pointless to me. I am heartbroken and that’s all I have to say for today…

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Haiti Trip; Day Three: With the positive developments of today nurturing my battered and weary soul, I am reminded of one of my favorite Tennyson quotes: “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” In the fields of Titanyen THEIR whispers beckon our attention and with our arrival