Five HR&DC Economic Growth Steps for Mole Saint-Nicolas

by / Saturday, 17 August 2013 / Published in Economic Development, General, Haitian Renaissance, Jim's Corner


With my trip at the halfway point, it’s time to gather up my belongings and depart for a Mole Saint-Nicolas.

Mole-St_NicholasDuring my time in Mole, my colleague, Reginald Auguste, and I will:

  1. infuse additional capital into our fledgling micro financing program
  2. sign a contract to secure our first building in the community, which will ultimately be transformed into a distribution center for import and export purposes
  3. tour a vacant building which has been placed at our disposal to determine it’s possible use as a trade school
  4. scout locations for a chicken operation
  5. conduct a town-hall styled meeting to further our Co with the community

That’s it for now. Have a great Saturday and I’ll check back in very late on Sunday when I return to Port au Prince.

Be well…

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