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  Since the purpose of my daily installment is to let those who care about me know that I am OK and to discuss my activities, I will use today’s post to accomplish both with an economy of words.I am alive, but thoroughly exhausted. As for my activities, here are my main accomplishments for today;

  Haiti Trip (March); Day Two: *transcribed by Alex via phone While today’s activities centered around two particular topics, this post will focus on a very unexpected occurrence. During a discussion about a job creation initiative for Mole St. Nicolas, a gentleman revealed that he had been personally responsible for the creation of the second

  It’s right around 7:30 pm and I have just landed in Miami. All around me the hum of life fills my senses and I am thankfully for this much-needed infusion of energy. As my recent posts had indicated, over the course of the last 8-days I interacted with scores of people in a wide-array