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June Haiti Trip; Day One: It’s early Tuesday morning and I’m on my way to Port au Prince, Haiti, to continue my Haitian journey. From the moment I deplane, my full attention throughout day one of my June Haiti trip will be in these four critical areas: Property rights issues associated with the mass grave

  ‘For the fallen there is only silence. It is we who make the noise.’ These words came to me in 2010 when I first knelt amongst the visible bones and human carnage in Titanyen. They struck me like a hammer to an anvil and they still resonate within my soul each and everyday. As

  4 years ago today close to 300,000 Haitians lost their lives in less time than it will take you to read this post. If being crushed to death wasn’t a cruel enough fate, most of the innocent victims found their way into the back of dump trucks and were unceremoniously deposited into mass burial

  My day began shortly after sunrise and I’m only now experiencing the sanctuary of a quiet moment to reflect upon my activities. While today was filled with many important conversations, the main thrust of my meetings fell within these three categories: The creation of wellness centers to address the psychiatric needs of traumatized Haitians

  It’s early Wednesday morning and I am awaiting my flight from Tampa to Miami en route to Haiti. Since I will be on the go from the moment I deplane in Port au Prince, I thought it wise to check-in before fully engaging in the tasks that await me. Though I will be in

  In August, while mapping out new GPS coordinates for unmarked mass graves in Haiti, I discovered that one of the main mass grave sites in Titanyen was once again being used as a landfill for garbage. Though filled with great rage and immense sadness at what I had uncovered, I resolved then and there

Ground Zero

  I’m in New York City in a hotel that borders Ground Zero. From my window on the 17th floor the scars of 9/11 are still visible, though new construction courageously pushes back against the devastation wrought here long ago. As I gaze below there is a reverence to this place that only mass death

It’s twilight in Haiti and I am alone in my room. Down the hall from me, my colleague has also retired for the evening. It seems that seven straight 12-14 hour days has taken us both to our physical limits. Historic Developments in a Game Changing Day Though today’s activities resulted in two historic developments,

    Just after sunrise, I met with Father Frechette (a well respected religious figure and hospital administrator) to discuss his experiences and activities in Titanyen. For years Father Frechette has provided dignity for the dead by burying murder victims of the coups, epidemics, and various natural disasters (hurricanes and the earthquake). Additionally, he has

    It’s a little after 5:00pm and I’ve just returned to my home away from home here in Haiti to grab a quick bite to eat before heading off to another meeting. Since I will not return until later this evening, here is today’s installment. While today was filled with various important conversations, the