The Haitian Renaissance

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    Just after sunrise, I met with Father Frechette (a well respected religious figure and hospital administrator) to discuss his experiences and activities in Titanyen. For years Father Frechette has provided dignity for the dead by burying murder victims of the coups, epidemics, and various natural disasters (hurricanes and the earthquake). Additionally, he has

It is virtually impossible to predict the path that one’s life will take.  This realization rattled through my soul recently, as I knelt in a desolate field outside of Titanyen, Haiti and took stock of my surroundings. At my back, just across a fractured road connecting Port-Au-Prince to nowhere, a million dollar view of the

Here is a tremendously moving article written by Jim Lange, CEO of Haiti Recovery & Development Company that was just published in the Tampa Tribune entitled A call for help on Haiti’s sacred ground.  In the article, Jim announces his first of its kind idea where he wrote: “I have set my sights on raising