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  I’m at Tampa’s International Airport on my way to Haiti for 7 days. Unlike previous trips where my attention has been customarily divided into three main categories, (the transformation of the mass graves in Titanyen into a memorial and peace park, establishing the footprint for 5 modern communities throughout the country and capacity gap

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  Haiti Trip ( December); Day Two: It’s a little after 11:00 pm and I am finally able to jot down a few notes before I call it a day. While my activities today covered a wide array of individuals and topics, I’m happy to report that one of Haiti’s most respected family’s has agreed

  After years of examining the relationship between host countries and the Non-governmental organizations that operate within their borders, I have come to the realization that vulnerable nations remain vulnerable and easily exploited when they cede administrative control of their country to outside interest.  One needs to look no further than the country of Haiti

Day Three: It’s a little before 11:00 PM and I am finally allowing myself the pleasure of a quiet moment…and a tall glass of rum. Outside the Haitian sky is angry. For hours a steady rain has assaulted the roof above my head and I am very happy (and fortunate) that I do not live

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On September 26th, I met with the owner of the property containing Haiti’s largest mass grave.  Since then, I have received numerous calls and/or emails asking for details regarding this meeting.  Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity surrounding this site and the complexity involved in transitioning the mass grave into a memorial, I cannot provide as

Here is a tremendously moving article written by Jim Lange, CEO of Haiti Recovery & Development Company that was just published in the Tampa Tribune entitled A call for help on Haiti’s sacred ground.  In the article, Jim announces his first of its kind idea where he wrote: “I have set my sights on raising

To hear some people talk you would think that Haiti and Port au Prince are one in the same.  Of course, this line of thinking doesn’t make a lot of sense because “Haiti is a country” and “Port au Prince is a city.” For a variety of reasons, almost all involving economics, Haiti evolution as

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A Foreign Policy Association (FPA) article entitled The Future of Education in Haiti written just after the earthquake provides a good case for schools being a method of returning children’s lives to a sense to normalcy in the aftermath of a disaster.  The problem is Haiti’s education system was in complete disarray even before the

To accomplish Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC (HR&DC) mission, which is to assist with the creation of an economic engine whereby self-reliance is ultimately possible for Haiti and its people, manufacturing will be vital component to job creation and revenue generation.  As a result, we, HR&DC, must present a business case to corporate prospects and investors

The 5 Letters Of Life

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Water.  One word, 5 letters.  Water.  It is one of our first spoken words, and one of our most commonly spoken words throughout our lifetime.  Water is the world’s most precious commodity, yet nearly 1 billion people, according to,  lack access to clean potable water or proper sanitation systems.  In Haiti, the lack of clean