The 5 Letters Of Life

Water.  One word, 5 letters.  Water.  It is one of our first spoken words, and one of our most commonly spoken words throughout our lifetime.  Water is the world’s most precious commodity, yet nearly 1 billion people, according to,  lack access to clean potable water or proper sanitation systems.  In Haiti, the lack of clean potable water and proper sanitation systems has long been a problem.  Unfortunately, in today’s Haiti (think Cholera), this problematic situation has gone from troubling to catastrophic.

For months, HR&DC has been working diligently on solutions to Haiti’s water problem to vet potential “water-centric” alliance partners.  While many candidate companies had experience in designing, building and maintaining water treatment facilities, we sought out companies whose talents were only exceeded by their desire to do good in the world.  I am happy to report that, over the next week, I will be announcing the addition of two such capable and committed partners — companies with great talent and the desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Haiti’s water needs have never been greater and we are committed to reversing the present slide into wide-spread sickness and death.  We believe Haiti needs universal access to potable water and reliable sanitations systems.  What do you think?

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