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  I’m on my to Miami to participate in a gala (fundraiser) being conducted by Rebati Sante Mentale. RSM is a group of 200-plus psychiatrists whom I’ve selected to handle mental issues for me in Haiti. I am a guest of honor at the event and our aim is to raise awareness and funds specifically

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The 5 Letters Of Life

Thursday, 06 January 2011 by

Water.  One word, 5 letters.  Water.  It is one of our first spoken words, and one of our most commonly spoken words throughout our lifetime.  Water is the world’s most precious commodity, yet nearly 1 billion people, according to,  lack access to clean potable water or proper sanitation systems.  In Haiti, the lack of clean

Will 9 Million People Die of Cholera?

Thursday, 16 December 2010 by

Anger.  Yes, anger is my first and deepest emotion with regard to Haiti’s recent Cholera outbreak.  After all, Cholera is completely predictable.  Cholera is also completely preventable.  These facts are above reproach.  Unfortunately, facts aside, Haiti is now forced to endure yet another round of catastrophic events, with no end in sight and 9 million

By Dino Eliadis, SVP Operations Haiti Recovery and Development Company, LLC The New York Times article Cholera Reported in Several Areas in Haiti is the next in a wave of tragedies still to come after the January 12, 2010 earthquake.  Fear is that an epidemic will spread to the displacement camps which could kill as