Jim Lange Readies for Ground Breaking Summit 4 Years in the Making


I’m at Tampa’s International Airport on my way to Haiti for 7 days.

Unlike previous trips where my attention has been customarily divided into three main categories, (the transformation of the mass graves in Titanyen into a memorial and peace park, establishing the footprint for 5 modern communities throughout the country and capacity gap building), the sole focus of this trip is to conduct a summit that has been 4-years in the making.

On the 12th, I will convene a meeting to officially begin the process of transitioning several resettlement camps and contiguous slums in Croix des Bouquets into one, legally recognized, city. This is a dream come true for me and a direct response to the nightmare of others.

The attendees of this gathering (selected for their subject matter expertise and ability to act as students, collaborators and teachers as the situation dictates) have accepted the challenge of achieving results that many consider folly. They are my role models and I’m honored to call them my colleagues.

Some will scoff at our efforts, others will simply laugh at our audacity. So be it. The impossible is only impossible until it isn’t. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and schedule a flight to Haiti and I’ll introduce you to room full of people who believe and act otherwise. I’ll even buy you lunch:-)

…and the journey continues.

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