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Job creation

Haiti Trip (January ‘19); Day Four: Today, I turn my full attention to the living, with activities scheduled in every stratum of society. While this forum does not allow for full public disclosure of my interactions, areas such as job creation initiatives, religion, politics, higher education and general mentoring will fill my docket. Additionally, I

Today’s activities will start off with a tour of a locally funded school in Cite Soleil. As some of you may recall from past travel posts, I selected this school months ago to assume the lead in the mentoring program I’ve designed whereby poor children from Cite Soleil will be matched up with “at risk”

Haiti Trip; Day Three: In Haiti’s 2010 Earthquake, over 300,000 human beings (people just like you and me) died in less time than it will take you to read this post. I was reminded of this brutal fact as I made my way through the “still” shattered remnants of Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince, on

I will be 50 years old in July.  In technology years this makes me roughly 5,000,000 years old.  Ancient.  Pre-historic, actually.  To hear my tech-savvy friends and colleagues speak, by the time I turn 55 they fully expect that I will have re-grown a tail and that I will be living in a boggy with

A Foreign Policy Association (FPA) article entitled The Future of Education in Haiti written just after the earthquake provides a good case for schools being a method of returning children’s lives to a sense to normalcy in the aftermath of a disaster.  The problem is Haiti’s education system was in complete disarray even before the

The Vultures Descend Upon Haiti

Monday, 20 December 2010 by

Next to loss of human life in any natural disaster, there is no greater tragedy than the economic exploitation by companies looking to make a quick buck.  Haiti’s plight in this area was just reported in a Washington Post article Would-be Haitian contractors miss out on aid.  They reported that only $1.60 of every $100

HR&DC’s Purpose   In the immediate aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, I founded Haiti Recovery and Development Company with one simple goal: to help the Haitian people have a better quality of life by assisting with the creation of an economic engine whereby self-reliance could ultimately be possible for Haiti.  In broad-brush terms, I am

HR&DC Work Force and Training Plans One of the core objectives of HR&DC is to create, implement and manage a variety of construction-centric training and vocational programs throughout Haiti. It is our goal to replace the Haitian people’s history of subservience and acceptance with hope, meaningful work and some form of trade. Haiti’s WorkForce: The

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