Jim Lange Visits Cite Soliel School Leading Mentoring Program for Children at Corail Resettlement Camp

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Today’s activities will start off with a tour of a locally funded school in Cite Soleil.

Cite-Soleil map

Cite Soleil, Port Au Prince (Source: Global Logistics Cluster Support Cell)

As some of you may recall from past travel posts, I selected this school months ago to assume the lead in the mentoring program I’ve designed whereby poor children from Cite Soleil will be matched up with “at risk” children from the Corail resettlement camp.

In any event it has been, and continues to be, my hope that this program will help each group grow in self-esteem and in self-worth.

To that end, with the recent developments occurring between myself and the camp’s leadership, this mentoring initiative is quickly moving up in the cue and I am anxious to get it started.

Next, my colleagues and I will travel to University Lumiere to continue the on-boarding process for the Business Incubator and Career Pathing that was initiated in January.

As one would expect when instituting a first of a kind program, especially in a country where English is the “third” language spoken, progress has been painfully slow but we are progressing nonetheless.

I will finish off the day with a late night working dinner where the topics of discussions will be gang violence and job creation programs for the most vulnerable of Haitians.

That’s it for now. Have a great day and be well….

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