Founder Jim Lange’s Vision For Haiti’s Recovery: Master Plan For 5 New Cities

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Jim Lange HR&DC CEO in Haiti

HR&DC CEO Jim Lange on undeveloped land in Haiti

In the immediate aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, I founded Haiti Recovery and Development Company with one simple goal:

  • to help the Haitian people have a better quality of life by assisting with the creation of an economic engine whereby self-reliance could ultimately be possible for Haiti.  In broad-brush terms, I am committed to the creation, implementation and management of a comprehensive recovery and development program (Haiti’s version of The Marshall Plan).

Through strategic alliance partnerships with charitable and for-profit organizations, leading governments, academia and international institutions & agencies, I intend to help foster a new sense of nationalism; educate and train the Haitian citizenry (mainly Haitian adults); teach the values and scope of a free market economy; and combine the strengths of many to achieve real and lasting prosperity.

5 New Haitian cities.

To achieve my stated goals, I plan on creating five new (modern) cities strategically located throughout Haiti.  At its most basic level, each new city would have an enterprise zone where manufacturing would take place, as well as a stand-alone water treatment facility, which would serve the needs of the new city and its surrounding communities.  From these two initiatives, housing would then be incorporated to begin meeting the dire shortage of available and affordable living accommodations.  Obviously, this is a huge undertaking and the level of complexity found within my initiative cannot adequately be expressed in this space.  That being said, while this may not be the appropriate forum for great expansion, I can state with great certainty that I am ready and able to discuss my initiative, at whatever depth of detail is required of me, with whomever can help me help the Haitian people.

Public Trust For The Haitian People

As for some other particulars worthy of highlighting, when I established my new company (Haiti Recovery & Development Company, LLC) I did so with the mindset of being its steward for 20 years and then placing the company into a public trust expressly for the Haitian people.  As far as I am aware, this stewardship and transfer of ownership is quite unique in the world and is designed to show the Haitian people that I am there to help, not to plunder.  Another unique aspect of my initiative is that, while housing and jobs creation represent the more visible aspects of my effort, I am essentially committing the remainder of my productive years to the creation of a Haitian Renaissance.  In truth, housing and jobs will not matter if Haitians continue to feel like powerless victims, resigned to a life of poverty and hardship.  It is this lack of self-worth and hope that has to change and I am determined to help Haiti “come of age.”

That’s what I think and what I am committing the rest of my life to accomplish. What do you think? How will you help me foster Haiti’s rebirth?

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  1. hello!This was a really fine topic!
    I come from itlay, I was fortunate to discover your Topics in baidu
    Also I get much in your blog really thank your very much i will come every day

    • Hello bet365,

      I am happy that you have discovered our site and I am grateful for your kind words. If it wouldn’t be to much trouble, I would greatly appreciate hearing some of your thoughts regarding how we, all of us, can help Haiti emerge into the modern world. If you would prefer to offer your insights privately, please feel free to email me at:

      Thank you for visiting our site and I look forward to hearing from you as your schedule permits. Take care.

      -Jim Lange

  2. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

  3. Interesting although must admit I’m not 100% convinced. Greetings from Oregon

    • Hello Jessie,

      I understand your reluctance in envisioning a new Haiti. However, after nine months of strategic planning, I believe we (HR&DC and our alliance partners) are poised to inspire and to assist the Haitian people through a period of unprecedented prosperity. Would you like to help?

  4. Another helpful post. It’s about time somebody told the truth. Way to go.

  5. Liam Kelly says :

    I just want to thank you and your organization for making a true attempt at helping Haiti. My father was born and raised in Haiti and I was lucky enough to visit Cap Hatien last year before the earthquake. I have never been so moved and encouraged by any experience in my life. I think that while your plans for Haiti may be ambitious, they are perfectly attainable with the right amount of effort and passion. Haiti needs people to encourage her with more than just their pocket books. Haiti needs direct involvement from professionals from around the world that don`t see their own profit as the ultimate goal, but see Haiti`s success as the ultimate goal. I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree but I would consider it an honour to one day help you and your organization with the reconstruction of Haiti.

    Keep up the good work and continue believing that everything is possible.

    • Liam,

      Thank you for your thoughts on our mission to assist Haiti in becoming self-reliant.

      I founded HR&DC with a clear mandate to “assist” Haiti through its immediate time of need and to continue this process until such a time as Haiti could become self-sustaining. I purposely stress the word “assist” to you as our mission is to help inspire the Haitian people, not to usurp them.

      Obviously, moving the needle of humanity forward in any country is a daunting task, and we are not blind to the enormous challenges awaiting our every step. That being said, you can rest assured that every individual and/or organization that joins this pursuit will do so with the good of Haiti being its primary objective. Haiti has had enough predators capitalizing on its misery for personal gain, and I will not tolerate any such activity from within our ranks.

      Lastly, I, too, was moved and encouraged by a trip to Haiti and the experience has had a profound impact on my life. As for helping our organization, it is not necessary to finish your schooling before joining our effort. Why not begin to help out today? How would you like to contribute to Haiti’s coming of age?

  6. Greetings, I was looking through some blogs and I got to your blog from yahoo. I read some of your posts and thought they were really good. Thanks, I’ll try to come back to your website again soon.

  7. Lovely website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  8. We’ve launched a Business to Business – Market Place forum called REBUILD HAITI BETTER where International Firms, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers, Consultants, Service Providers and others can get together to network, share ideas, create partnerships with Haitian firms.
    As of now, we have more than 200+ firms representing 29 countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Scotland, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Turks and Caicos Islands, UK, USA, Venezuela.) and the list is growing.

    Please join us in welcoming the International Community. Together, let’s Rebuild Haiti Smarter, Better. One Community at a Time.

    Al Sem

    • Al,

      Thank you for your thoughtful posting and for sharing your organizations effort to improve the lives of everyday Haitians.

      Like yourselves, we, too, are committed to improving the lives of everyday Haitians and our efforts are beginning to bear some unprecedented fruit. (A listing of some of our activities can be found in our Key Projects section, though not all of activities are noted for strategic purposes). Over the last several months, we have been quietly negotiating the price and terms associated with the (potential) purchase of 450 acres of land in Haiti. Unlike other much smaller parcels of land available for purchase, this land is free of legal issues and, if successfully acquired, would allow us to develop the property as we see fit. Since our goal is to help establish five new cities throughout Haiti, this site is key to our efforts and we are encouraged by our prospects.

      Lastly, while a transaction such as this cannot happen overnight, I think its fair to say that this type of activity clearly displays our intent to make a difference in Haiti. We are serious about our commitment to a new Haiti, and stand ready to associate ourselves with likeminded individuals and/or companies whose goals and aspirations for Haiti align with our.

  9. William Scott says :

    Mr Lange,
    I commend you for your commitment to the Haitian people and your one simple goal. I feel that you goal is
    very ambitious but also very attainable. I would like to help in some way, so maybe we can talk and see how I can help. If you are interested please contact me.
    Thank you
    William Scott

    • Hello Mr. Scott,

      Thank you for visiting our site and for expressing your willingness to join in our efforts. Please provide me with some contact information and I’ll reach out to you as a priority. Take care.


  10. Mr Lange,

    I have to say your project is very ambitious but that is exactly what Haiti needs. I’m interested, please read my bio at and please let me know how I can help you achieve those goals for the people of Haiti.

    Please before you purchase any land in Haiti read the law about foreigner buying lands.

    I can be reach @ globalreachllc(at) Replace the (at) with @ sign.


    • Hello Matt,

      We would love to have you participate within the umbrella of our initiative. To that end, please contact Mr. Dino Eliadis, HR&DC’s SVP of Operations, to set up a conference call between the three of us. (He can be reached via email through this very site.) There is much to discuss and I am anxious to get your opinion on a variety of topics.

      With regard to land ownership, it’s true that Haiti has some guidelines (restrictions) on foreign ownership that require attention. That being said, we are working with the appropriate government officials to map out our acquisition strategy. Quite expectedly, this process is taking longer than it would take in the States, but I feel confident we are moving forward with our eyes wide open.

      Take care and I look forward to speaking with you as our collective schedules allow.

  11. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

    • Hello Diane,

      Thank you for dropping by and saying hello.

      Over the last several weeks, we have been pulled in many directions and haven’t updated the site as much as we would have liked. Please come back and visit us as often as your schedule permits. We have many exciting announcements in the works and I’d love to hear your thoughts about our various initiatives. Take care.

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