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  Since the purpose of my daily installment is to let those who care about me know that I am OK and to discuss my activities, I will use today’s post to accomplish both with an economy of words.I am alive, but thoroughly exhausted. As for my activities, here are my main accomplishments for today;

Since it will be quite late before I regain cell phone coverage, here is today’s post: In a few hours I will be joined in Haiti by two colleagues of mine from the States; Stan Wilkins and Todd Welch. Stan is the camera man who filmed the 60 Minutes segment that changed the course of

  Haiti Trip (March); Day One: It’s very early Tuesday morning and I am awaiting my flight from Tampa to Miami en route to Haiti. Since I will be on the go from the moment I deplane in Port au Prince, I thought it wise to check-in now while I have a access to the

  It’s right around 7:30 pm and I have just landed in Miami. All around me the hum of life fills my senses and I am thankfully for this much-needed infusion of energy. As my recent posts had indicated, over the course of the last 8-days I interacted with scores of people in a wide-array

Today I met privately with two key members of President Martelly’s inner circle. One is the Special Counsel to the President and the other is the Special Counsel to the First Lady. Both individuals were very professional, and considering today was Sunday, quite gracious with their time. The purpose of our meeting was to discuss

  The focus of today’s activities centered on legal issues pertaining to the Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park. The former Minister of Justice, a member of my in-country steering committee, coordinated a meeting with key members of the Haitian legal community. The president of the Bar Association for all of Haiti agreed to communicate

Progress on 3 Different Fronts in Haiti

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  Haiti Trip (January); Day Two: It’s a little after 9:30 pm and I’ve just excused myself from the dinner table. While today was filled with many important conversations, the main thrust of my activities fell into these three categories: The mass grave initiative in Titanyen Job creation opportunities in underserved communities Crisis management for

  Haiti Trip; (December), Day Six: Since my day started well before dawn, I am typing this post with crossed eyes and a wandering mind. As for today’s activities, I traveled to Mirebalais, which is in the central plateau, to tour the community and to attend a political rally as a guest of a political

  After years of examining the relationship between host countries and the Non-governmental organizations that operate within their borders, I have come to the realization that vulnerable nations remain vulnerable and easily exploited when they cede administrative control of their country to outside interest.  One needs to look no further than the country of Haiti