A Meeting with Corail Resettlement Camp Leaders and a Medivac Service Location Search

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Since it will be quite late before I regain cell phone coverage, here is today’s post:

In a few hours I will be joined in Haiti by two colleagues of mine from the States; Stan Wilkins and Todd Welch.

Stan is the camera man who filmed the 60 Minutes segment that changed the course of my life, and Todd is a retired business owner and philanthropist with whom I haven given permission to film my activities for a future documentary.

Immediately upon their arrival we will travel to the Corail resettlement where I will be introduced to a committee of camp leaders and elders. The goal of this meeting is begin establishing a genuine level of trust and respect, and to lay the ground work for our (historic) transitional activities.

I am honored that such a gathering has been agreed to and I will do my best to be worthy of their gesture.

Next, we will travel to Tapio to meet with Father Jean Bien-Aime and a group of community leaders from the surrounding area.

The goal of our meeting will be two-fold:

  1. To begin establishing a narrative of hope and prosperity into this forsaken region, and
  2. To examine a potential location for a helipad and an accompanying administration building for a medivac service that my in-country director, Reginald Auguste, is trying to introduce into Haiti.

This meeting and site study has taken months to arrange and I am anxious to learn and to explore this community’s untapped potential.
That’s it for now. Have a great day and be well….

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