A Day spent with Haitian Politics, Prominent Figures and the Haitian National Memorial & Peace Park Committee

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Haiti Trip; (December), Day Six:

Map of Haiti_locationsSince my day started well before dawn, I am typing this post with crossed eyes and a wandering mind.

As for today’s activities, I traveled to Mirebalais, which is in the central plateau, to tour the community and to attend a political rally as a guest of a political party.

Though this was a political function, my attendance was strictly for edification sake as it allowed me the opportunity to see what Haitian politics look like in action and does not, in any way, suggest any type of affiliation. In any event, today’s proceeding were both educational and (oddly) entertaining.

Next, upon my return to Port au Prince, I spent time with my in-country director scripting tomorrows various meetings.

In short, I have a 14-hour day scheduled with meetings that include a previous First Lady of the country and a prominent legal scholar. Additionally, and most importantly, I will also convene a meeting of my Haitian National Memorial & Peace Park committee.

By any standard of measurement, tomorrow promises to be a historic day and one I will not soon forget.

Until tomorrow….



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