Father Frechette Mass Grave and President Martelly Staff Camp Meetings

Just after sunrise, I met with Father Frechette (a well respected religious figure and hospital administrator) to discuss his experiences and activities in Titanyen. Father Frechette

For years Father Frechette has provided dignity for the dead by burying murder victims of the coups, epidemics, and various natural disasters (hurricanes and the earthquake).

Additionally, he has buried thousands of unclaimed bodies in multiple pauper’s fields; a practice he continues to perform every Thursday. Father Frechette has graciously agreed to assist me with the mass grave initiative and I am honored by his gracious gesture and kind words.

Resettlement Camps

Next, I turned my attention from the dead to the living and met with key members of President Martelly’s staff responsible for managing Haiti’s resettlement camps.

The purpose of our meeting was to further discuss the administrations strategy regarding the resettlement camps in Croix des Bouquets and my initiative to transition three separate camps (Canaan, Corail and Jerusalem) into one contiguous city.

Though the enormity and complexity of our dialogue cannot be properly stated in this limited format, I did come away from our conversation (the second such interaction this week) with a sense of hope and renewed purpose.

Lastly, I met with the owners of the disputed land upon which the three previously noted resettlement camps reside.

Though the scope and details of our discussion cannot be displayed in public forum, all involved considered the meeting to be a success and each pointed to the need to create “next steps.” A good sign, to say the least.

And the journey continues. Goodnight….

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