Emotional Day Surrounding the Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park Initiative

by / Saturday, 14 July 2012 / Published in Jim's Corner, National Memorial


Haiti Trip; Day Five:  Earlier today, in a quiet office not far from the mass graves in Titanyen, I participated in a meeting with Reginald Auguste and Daniel Rouzier. Since this meeting was two years in the making for me, and decades in the making for Haiti, I found our conversation to be both highly emotional and somewhat surreal.

In any event, throughout the breadth of the morning we wrestled with the vast complexities associated with the Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park initiative. By the end of our session all agreed that a great deal of progress had been achieved, across a wide-spectrum of objectives, and against some very daunting odds.

…As we existed the building toward our car, I looked off into the distance toward the fields of Titanyen and, for the first time, a smile graced my face.

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