Not Forgotten – Day Four

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Haiti Trip; Day Four: Like a church before a funeral service, Haiti is quiet today. From my side of a dusty window, I can see that the sun is out and doing its job, but only half-heartedly. The same can be said for the wind. As I prepare myself for a 2:30 PM meeting with a World Vision representative, I determine that a walk around the neighborhood is in order. After 10 or so blocks it dawns on me that very few Haitians are out and about, and those that are seemed distant and blurry-eyed. Over the course of my thirty minute walk, I collect only “one” legitimate smile. Needless to say, my walk fails to lift my spirits. It’s nearing 2:00 PM and I must put on my game face. After all, the rep from World Vision will be here soon and my mind must be sharp. (For appearance sake, I’ve saved one good “fake smile” for occasion. I hope she buys it.) One last thing before I sign-off. Immediately after my meeting, I will travel to the mass graves of Titanyen. 2 years ago, today, close to 300,000 Haitians lost their lives in less than a minute. If that wasn’t cruel enough, most were then deposited into the back of dump trucks and unceremoniously buried on top of one another in this desolate place with a barbarous past. They are dead but they are not forgotten. This is what I will say to them as I walk amongst the fallen in a place called Titanyen.

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  1. David Fiske says :

    Jim, I have enjoyed reading about your Haiti trip and remembering the stories you told us each day at the guest house. It was a pleasure spending that week with you.

    David (Fiske)

  2. Sadly, Mai’s story is reflective of a much bigger global crisis — one in which some 1.2 million children are trafficked each year for forced labor. The practice occurs in every country in the world, including the United States, and represents a modern-day slave trade that World Vision is committed to ending.

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