Haitian National Memorial, Job Creation for Resettlement Camps Dominate the Day

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Haitian National Memorial & Peace Park | Mass Gravesites

Haiti Trip (June ’14), Day Two:

It’s nearing dusk in Haiti and I’m exhausted. Unfortunately for me, my workday is hours from completion and I am miles away from my next appointment.

Since I will not have access to the Internet until much later this evening, here is a brief overview of today’s activities. I started off the day by meeting with the President of Haiti’s Chamber of Commerce to address the evolution and status of the Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park project and to discuss job creation initiatives for the occupants of the resettlement camps in Croix des Bouquets.

Next, I traveled across town to meet with a valued colleague and respected member of the Haitian establishment to discuss general topics and trends. He (name purposely withheld) has been a great friend to me and his mentoring has expedited my learning curve tremendously.

In the early afternoon, I traveled out near the airport to conduct a mediation session with an aggrieved land owner. While this format is not the proper setting to divulge sensitive and confidential exchanges, it’s safe to say that significant progress was made towards an amenable solution for the country, the land owners and the Haitian people.

Lastly, after a quick shirt change and some up close time with a washcloth and toothbrush, I’m off to meet with the Director of one of the largest NGO’s in Haiti to discuss a collaborative program involving our two organizations.

Wish me luck!

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