Hello Cuba – Goodbye Hispaniola?

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Hello Cuba - Goodbye Hispaniola?
HRDC CEO Jim Lange Hello Cuba – Goodbye Hispanolia?

If you admitted that you know little to nothing about the geopolitics of the Caribbean you wouldn’t be alone. Most Americans don’t. The same might be said about the United States government. For over 200 years, successive American administrations have intervened in this region, and their track record indicates they, too, find the geopolitics of the Caribbean mystifying.

Undaunted by past forays, the United States is back at it again, this time in dramatic fashion.

As CEO of HR&DC, I penned an opinion piece on this subject that ran in today’s Tampa Tribune and You can read the entire Op-Ed at or you can read it on our Press Coverage page on this website.

I hope you will find it informative, and that it opens a narrative in your mind about the other implications in the Caribbean beyond the “The Cuban Thaw.”  It is a historic time, filled with good will and optimism.

The acceptance of Cuba back into the global community was long overdue and a sign that diplomacy works.

Only time will tell if “Hello Cuba” also means “Goodbye Hispaniola.”

To most observers, the key to a successful transition appears to lie with Haiti and the Dominican Republic striking their own historic accord and joining forces to confront an uncertain future.

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