Job Creation and Resettlement Camp Transition Planning

by / Saturday, 15 November 2014 / Published in Economic Development, HR&DC, Jim's Corner, Jim's Corner, Job Creation
Job creation

Job Creation and Microfinancing…

I started off my day by picking up a colleague of mine, in from the States, at the airport in Port au Prince.

Immediately upon her arrival we met with the director of a global organization whose mission is to provide micro loans to small businesses.

This was an fruitful first encounter and I look forward to pursuing this (job creation) alliance more formally in the weeks to come.

Resettlement Camp Transition…

Next, I traveled into the heart of Croix des Bouquets where I conducted a meeting with a large number of community leaders regarding the transition of the largest resettlement camp(s) into a legally recognized city. This 5-hour session was quite lively and I am happy to report that these leaders are rising to meet the historic opportunity for trans-formative change that rests in their hands.

Successful Job Creation in Haiti…

Last but not least, I met with a Haitian business owners who came to Haiti four years ago and has successfully created 3,000 jobs. Her drive to succeed, and her commitment to the well-being of her employees, is both inspirational and worthy of replication.

That’s it for today. I’m tired and it’s time to call lit a day. Good night.

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