Funding For Haiti’s National Memorial Begins to Emerge

Day Seven: In a seemingly endless run of good luck, I am happy to report the following developments. (FYI-Due to confidentiality restrictions placed upon me, I can only discuss today’s activities in “general” terms. I will, however, provide full disclosure of all individuals and/or companies when I am legally allowed to do so.)

Earlier today, in an effort to help create jobs, sustainable jobs throughout Haiti, I meet with the lead strategic executive of an ownership consortium with 7 major companies in their portfolio.  While there are still some details to be worked out, I verbally entered into an arrangement whereby I would provide executive-level consultative services to the owners and their respective companies. By all accounts, this is the first time that a foreigner has ever been allowed into their boardroom and to have access to their inner most workings.

Additionally, as part of our relationship, they have verbally agreed to help me raise the necessary funds to build, and to maintain, the Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park in Titanyen. Under this program, they would incorporate donation-centric verbiage (Such as: “5% of the proceeds of this purchase will go to creation and maintenance of the Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park in Titanyen.”) on the outside of some of their products.

Overall, another fairly good day:-)….Goodnight.


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