A Quiet Hero Offers His Help

by / Thursday, 17 May 2012 / Published in General, Jim's Corner, National Memorial

Haiti Trip; Day Three: In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, many brave and honorable Haitians answered the call of duty in ways that can only be described as “heroic.”

Some risked their very lives by climbing into the bowels of collapsed and teetering buildings, all in an effort to aid those in critical need. Days later, others were forced to confronted unspeakable depths of carnage in the city’s streets and in the mass graves of Titanyen. Today, I was able to spend some time with one such hero. His name is Daniel Rouzier.

Mr. Rouzier is a widely respected business man and one-time candidate to be the Prime Minister of Haiti. Of greater significance, in Haiti’s darkest hours, Daniel assumed a much needed leadership role and coordinated the burial of thousands of Haitians. He also spearheaded an effort to place hundreds of crosses at the mass grave site so the fallen could be recognized.

During our time together, we spoke at length regarding the proposed Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park and he agreed to help me bring this initiative to fruition. Since he had never returned to the mass gravesite, and has steadfastly refused to participate in any Titanyen-related meetings, his willingness to help me is both unexpected and touching.

…dignity for the dead just got one step closer.

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