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Long Hard Work Leads to Job Creation

Tuesday, 30 October 2012 by

Haiti Trip (October-November); Day Two: Today, as I traveled from appointment to appointment, I could tell that Haiti was reeling from the effects of two significant occurrences. One event involved Mother Nature at her worst (Hurricane Sandy), and the other event involved Man at his worst.  Individually, each occurrence is harmful in its own right.

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Haiti Trip; Day One: Unlike previous trips where my first day was primarily a travel day, this trip is slated to start off with great intensity and intrigue. From the moment I de-plane in Port au Prince, I will be escorted through immigration by a specially assigned security agent to ensure my expeditious processing. I

Mole Accepts A New Brother

Sunday, 20 May 2012 by

Haiti Trip; Day Six: I have just returned from my third trip to the rural Northwest section of Haiti, and the fishing village of Mole Saint-Nicolas. I am filthy, exhausted and covered with so many mosquito bites I look like I have the measles. And do you know what? I couldn’t be happier! While there

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Positive Progress in Corail

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 by

Haiti Trip; Day Two: It is twilight in Haiti and I am alone in my room. Outside my window the sounds of life rise and fall to meet my ears, and I find myself genuinely comforted by the embrace of my unseen friends. As for todays activities, the morning was spent meeting with the key

Haiti Trip; Day One: While today was meant to be mainly a travel day, I’m happy to report that significant progress was made on the job-creation front. In short, two potential investors verbally agreed to enter into an MOU’s (Memorandum Of Understanding) to create sustainable jobs in Mole Saint-Nicolas and at the Corail resettlement camp.

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