Water – A Major Resource for Haiti’s Recovery

Picture - Haiti Firetruck dispenses water

Photo Marco Dormino

One cannot address the safe water needs for each Haitian without first acknowledging the global problem of unsafe water.  According to a UN report more people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war.  One child under the age of five dies every 20 seconds from water-related diseases, according to the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).  Therefore, there is a great need for better protection and sustainable management of one of the Earth’s most precious resources. Ignoring or not addressing sufficiently the need for this life-sustaining resource offends our common humanity, and undermines efforts of countries like Haiti to achieve their development potential.

Haiti’s own growing population’s need for water for food, raw materials and energy is increasingly competing with nature’s own demands for water to sustain already imperiled ecosystems and the services on which Haitians depend on. At the same time, the poor continue to suffer first and most from pollution, water shortages and the lack of adequate sanitation.
On a daily basis tons of untreated sewage and industrial and agricultural waste pours into Haiti’s water systems. Clean water has become scarce and will probably become even scarcer with the onset of climate change.

HD&RC’s comprehensive initiative for Haiti’s renaissance addresses the issue of water quality, distribution and usage at both the individual building and community level.   HD&RC recognizes the role of proper wastewater management in sustainable development and has aligned itself with expert partners to ensure that the Haitian people benefits from such expertise.

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  1. TarponSpringer says :


    What are the major obstacles to solving the water crisis? And, can Haiti be used as an example of what’s possible in other parts of the world?


  2. TS,
    Leadership and money – these are the two main obstacles that must be overcome if Haiti is to alleviate its present water crisis. An immediate step in the right direction would be for the Government of Haiti to implement a nationwide water treatment initiative designed to bring clean drinking water and basic sewage capabilities to its citizens. In doing so, Haitians would become healthier; industries that require a reliable source of water would see Haiti as a viable alternative; and the world community would begin to view Haiti as an emerging member of the world economy.

    The implementation a nationwide water treatment initiative immediately brings into play obstacle number two — money. It is this catch-22, the “status quo verses expense carousel” that tends to keep poor countries poor. Fortunately, there is money earmarked in the “Action Plan For National Recovery and Development of Haiti” for a dramatic change in Haiti’s water management policies and HR&DC is actively pursuing such funds. And, if done correctly, Haiti could become the model for other third world countries suffering the ill effects of a poor water management strategy. Imagine that, Haiti a model of progress and potential!

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