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Haiti Trip (June ’14) Day Seven: It’s approximately 11:30 am and I am preparing to return to the States. As I reflect upon the events of the last 7-days, I am pleased to report that old alliances were strengthened, new alliances were born and that measurable progress was made in every key category. I gave

Reflecting on the work…

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Haiti mountains beyond mountains

Haiti Trip (June ’14); Day Four: The purpose of my daily post is to let those who care about me know that I am OK and to discuss my activities. To that end, I will use today’s installment to accomplish both goals with an economy of words. I am alive and I have not contracted

Haitian National Memorial & Peace Park | Mass Gravesites

Haiti Trip (June ’14), Day Two: It’s nearing dusk in Haiti and I’m exhausted. Unfortunately for me, my workday is hours from completion and I am miles away from my next appointment. Since I will not have access to the Internet until much later this evening, here is a brief overview of today’s activities. I

Canaan - Jerusalem

June Haiti Trip; Day One: It’s early Tuesday morning and I’m on my way to Port au Prince, Haiti, to continue my Haitian journey. From the moment I deplane, my full attention throughout day one of my June Haiti trip will be in these four critical areas: Property rights issues associated with the mass grave


My luggage is packed and staged in the laundry room for my Haiti trip. Out of sight, yes, though certainly not out of mind. Tomorrow morning I depart for Haiti to continue promoting the values we all hold so dear; Dignity, Hope and Opportunity. And event though I do not always have access to modern